Celeste Star Masturbates in the BathtubAfter a grinding day … well, grinding, Celeste Star heads straight home for a relaxing bubble bath. But you just know she’s not just going to sit in there and just soak, right? As steam from the rushing hot water fills the room, Celeste steps into the tub – her lacy black bra and panties still on – to begin something she’s been looking forward to all day.

Celeste pulls away both her tops and bottoms. She quickly toys with her pert A-cup nipples, then starts in on her neatly trimmed pussy. Even without the hot bathwater, Celeste manages to get plenty wet.

Finally, her long, lean fingers plunge deep inside her resulting in a rousing yet soothing orgasm. Who needs martinis? Celeste knows what she needs to unwind after a long day.

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