Anette Dawn Naked by the PoolThe busty bombshell from Budapest, Anette Dawn, lives by one rule: when the sun goes down, the boobies come out. She also knows that somewhere in the world, the sun is setting … so her lovely 34Ds are out a lot. Love the way she thinks.

In this case, twilight is indeed just behind her past the trees as Anette steps out of her bright orange minidress. As is typical for her … no bra, no panties (wastes too much time). At once, her hands move their way down her sexy curves: a little squeeze on the ample breasts, a touch on her slim waist, then down between her legs.

Once there, Anette takes her time stimulating and satisfying all her Hungarian hungers. What a great way to end the day … no matter what time of day it is.

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