Danielle MayeWhat can be more smokin’ than a hot blonde in red and black lingerie? Yea .. we couldn’t think of anything else either. Fortunately, 5’10” statuesque British model Danielle Maye gives us no reason to even try.

Sitting on the edge of a sofa in a black-lace-over-red-satin babydoll, Danielle makes quite a sexy impression – as your eyes travel down her sweet bodice, down through her long, shapely stockings-encased legs, and finally to her bedazzled red pumps.

The ensemble alone makes for a sultry series of photos, but Danielle goes from smokin’ to blazin’ .. pulling away her panties, and spreading her legs to bring this session to an intense, climactic conclusion.

See this sexy Danielle Maye lingerie striptease