Syren Sexton Busty GalleryThere’s no debating that British pornstar Syren Sexton is a one smooth lady: soft blue eyes; velvety skin; natural, cushiony C‑cup breasts; and a slightly mellow attitude that allows her to perform the most intense, explicit scenes with … well .. let’s call it “erotic grace”.

Take these series of pics, for example. Syren is dressed in blue satin camisole and matching robe – soft and inviting as she could be, like she just woke up on a sunny weekend morning. Maintaining her gentle, but seductive, gaze, she completely disrobes, baring her supple breasts while simultaneously spreading her legs.

Her fingers take over from there. Syren spreads her bright pink lower lips apart. Soft body, soft attitude, hardcore. Now that’s sexy. That’s Sexton.

See Syren Sexton lose her satin robe