Aaliyah Love Twistys Treat April 2012

At first look, Twistys Treat for April 2012 Aaliyah Love wouldn’t strike you as one of the hottest, rawest, adult performers in the business. This sunshine bright, freckle-faced, perky blonde looks more like she should be teaching nursery school somewhere. And you’d be right.

Aaliyah originally started out as a pre-school teacher. She started doing webcam shows to earn a little extra money. But the money, and her love of getting naughty in front of an audience, proved to be too good not to do full time.

Now this petite stick of dynamite goes off .. and gets off .. for a continually growing mass of adoring fans. Aaliyah brings a high sense of playfulness and fun, even to most raunchiest of her endeavors. Yet, she can be the pretty girl next door in a blink.

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