Danielle Maye

Best laid plans, right? Buxom blonde Danielle Maye is all dressed up in a chic black minidress for a night out on the town, but she just has to give her hands just one more trip around those sexy curves.

You see, Danielle recently went for a cute set of B-cups to some amazing Ds, and she just can’t stop checking them out. And checking out that new large rack makes her want to check out other parts of her alluring anatomy. So, the dress comes back off, quickly followed by the bra and panties.

Yes, those big puppies look incredible all right, but so does the shaved area between her thighs. Danielle can’t help but to dart her fingers all around and in her pussy – from the back and well as the front. Oh well, maybe she’ll go out tomorrow night. Maybe.

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