Twisty’s Treat of the Month for July 2015, Alaina Fox, gets interviewed by Celeste Star in this fun and revealing video. Right from the beginning, the girls are checking each other out and Celeste can’t help but comment on how adorable Alaina is. The 22-year-old smiles at the attention and starts answering Celeste’s intimate questions.

Surprisingly, Alaina wasn’t considered hot or popular in school. She says she was very shy and dressed in hoodies and ways to conceal her body. She says that she was more emo than sexy and just sat in the back of the class praying nobody would notice her. That all changed after high school when she became a bored 18-year-old taking naked pictures of herself for a DIY site. She hadn’t done well in school and didn’t have big career dreams, but knew that she could make something of herself in the world of porn. So in the summer of 2012, she took the leap and is very proud of how much she has accomplished since then.

As the interview progresses, the girls get closer and their beautiful natural boobs come out into view. They are quick to start touching each other and debating which of them would win in a cunnilingus contest.

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