Khaleesi Wilde is the December 2015 Twistys Treat and this interview video will show you that she is far from what most people expect an adult model to be. Yes, she is extremely sexy, but it wasn’t always so. According to her, she was desperately nerdy growing up. An ugly duckling with glasses, braces, acne, and a skinny shapeless body, no one ever would have guessed that she would one day bloom into the gorgeous sexual being that she is now. Khalessi spent several years selling insurance before one day deciding she was done with it. She was bored and had a friend that did camming, so she decided to give it a try. It changed her life and showed her a whole new side of herself. She says her favorite part about being in the adult industry is the freedom to explore without judgement. She has discovered that she is an exhibitionist and gets off knowing she is being watched. Amid all the career talk, Jelena Jensen also asks questions about Khaleesi as a person. She has strange hobbies that make her very interesting as well as sexy. She likes to do ghost hunting and will go out on investigations. She even shares an experience that happened while she was checking out an asylum. Watch the video for yourself and fall in lust with the brunette Treat as she tells all!

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